" Hidden Tales " A Photography Project

A New Photobook Project

9/22/20221 min read

No place is boring if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film. - Robert Adams

While working on one of my biggest commissioned projects, I had the chance to travel to almost every corner of my country. That gave me not only the opportunity to visit some cities that I have never been to. But also, to document my travels through my photography.

By exploring new places, you get captivated by every passing second you spend there you see everything and you feel every human interaction as it is happening in front of you. You can say that by that you become a human radar capturing every moment that will be embedded in the space-time continuum.

Your camera is your way of capturing these moments. You become, in a way, a time traveler, carrying with you your time machine that’s your camera, and the photographs, those are proof, you witness if you want, that you have been there that you have witnessed that moment and that as long as you have those photos you will remember it.

Your medium doesn’t matter, as you will see. It doesn’t matter if you shoot film or digital. It doesn’t matter if you are using a professional DSLR, or your phone. What really matters is, if you are really present in that moment. If you are ready to look for those scenes, moments, and events, happening in front of you and not just see them.

This book is a collection of all of those moments. Happening at different places and at different times. Some of the pictures are shot on film others are taken either with my DSLR or my Phone.

While you are unfolding and looking at each photo keep in your mind that you are looking at a piece of the past at something that will never happen or will never happen the same way.